Second-Life Technology Solutions

A True Enlivened Experience – Delivering on our Promise

We understand our clients face business challenges in strategizing the procurement, standardization, and recovery of business-critical IT hardware. The rapid reduction in the value of new technology can be a heavy burden on IT budgets.
Fluctuations in new hardware pricing and availability makes Enlivened Tech the perfect partner to pursue refurbished technology inventory to reduce your wait time and costs.

Our Enlivened Eval is our chance to get to know your business and to clearly understand your needs. Our Solutions Team will efficiently collect the critical IT information we need to be a great partner. We walk side-by-side with our clients, providing project transparency and the highest level of customer service.

Increase Performance, Productivity, and Sustainability with Business-Class Computer Hardware

Enlivened Tech has been delivering quality, refurbished business class computers for over 30 years. Business-class computers are much more durable and have higher quality components than their consumer grade counterparts. Typically coming off-lease from Fortune 500 companies, business class computers are designed to run 24-7 and built to last. They have higher security features incorporated into them to meet the needs of companies that have to comply with data privacy regulations like HIPPA or PCI. They also have the ability to be easily upgraded, components replaced, and swapped for easy standardization. Business class computer hardware also has a higher residual value, allowing companies to recoup some of the equipment’s original value and lower the total cost of ownership.

IT Refresh Strategies

We will help you create a solid refresh strategy that utilizes a cycle of peak value vs. replacement needs and future IT procurement. Annual value loss is not stagnant or regulated, it shifts and moves. We keep track of the shifts and use that information to guide our clients.

Imaging and Licensing to your company’s specifications

Whether you are shipping out of the country or deploying to employees working from home, all of our IT hardware is delivered plug and play ready to meet your company’s specifications. Eliminate extra work for your IT staff and increase productivity.

Our Critical Component Replacement Process

Performance and productivity is our priority. We ensure your refurbished technology is reliable and new in the places that are most important by replacing necessary critical components.

Why Enlivened Tech

Adaptable and Agile Inventory

Our Adaptable and Agile Inventory Solutions allow your company the freedom to expand capabilities in an instant! We can store “ready to ship” inventory for you in our secure facility or provide you with Instant On-Site inventory that maintains your standardization.

Instant On-site Replacement Program

Waiting for a replacement system means that someone is without a primary tool for a day or two…the loss of productivity can be huge! Through our Instant On-Site Replacement Program, Enlivened Tech will provide your company with extra machines to keep on hand at no cost to you until deployed.

IT Lifecycle Services

Guaranteed Buy-Back and Trade-In Programs

Enlivened Tech is dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact that retired IT assets may leave behind. Our experts will evaluate your retired equipment and help you find value in your surplus IT assets. Not only are we increasing sustainability by bringing new life to retired IT Hardware, but we are helping companies recoup value from their original IT hardware investments.

Have equipment you’d like to trade-in? No problem! We can help you come up with strategies to help keep your employees up-to-date with newer equipment on a regular basis.

Warranty Programs

We stand behind our equipment! All equipment comes with a standard 1 year replacement warranty. Additional warranty plans are also available.

Test Drive…Try Before you Buy!

Let our Enlivened Experts evaluate your needs and find the right IT hardware for your company at the right price! We invite you to try our equipment out in the field and see for yourself the true value and quality that Enlivened Tech delivers!