Complete IT Hardware Procurement & ITAD Solutions

Enlivened Tech partners with clients at any stage of the IT lifecycle, spanning from procurement to retirement. We have a dedicated mission to helping clients increase profitability, productivity, and data security, beginning with the acquisition of either refurbished or new IT hardware and ending with data eradication and value recovery upon retirement. For over 30 years, clients across North America and the Caribbean have benefited from our solutions and exceptional customer service.

  • New & refurbished IT hardware
  • IT deployments & redeployments
  • Work-from-home Programs
  • Tech Refresh Programs
  • IT Leasing & Rentals
  • IT Buyback Programs
  • Donation/Sustainability Initiatives
  • Customized Imaging & Licensing
  • Risk Mitigation / Brand Protection
  • Decommissioning / Logistics
  • Data Destruction
  • E-waste Recycling
  • Asset Value Recovery
  • End of Lease Management

Solutions for Call Centers/BPO

Refurbished computers, laptops and monitors

Solutions for Work From Home

Plug & Play Computers kits, monitors, & peripherals delivered to remote employees

Solutions for Corporations

Customized IT Hardware, Imaging, Licensing, Data Destruction, & Warranty Programs

Data Destruction

Don’t risk compromising sensitive company data by improper IT hardware disposal. We provide secure, eco-friendly destruction of your equipment and a certificate of disposal so you can rest assured your data won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Refurbished Business-Class IT Hardware

Reduce IT spend on IT hardware with our high-quality business-class laptops, desktops, LCD monitors and accessories.

IT Lifecycle Services

Minimize your IT costs while optimizing performance through component monitoring and replacement.

We Buy Your Used IT Hardware

Have computer equipment you no longer need? We will pay you top dollar for your hardware, eradicate the data, and recycle it for resale.

Popular Products

Reduce your IT budget and lower your technology ownership costs

With IT hardware costs skyrocketing, our refurbished products offer a proven way of reducing IT expenditure without sacrificing performance. All of our products are thoroughly tested, cleaned, skinned, and renewed to your company’s specifications before delivery.

How We Help You Save

Enlivned Tech is a collaborative group of IT Solutions professionals. We help companies increase profitability through the procurement of refurbished IT hardware, asset management, disposal, and recovery. We specialize in developing long-term technology refresh strategies that maintain the highest quality IT hardware while reducing IT expenditure.

For more than 30 years we have earned out relationships as a trusted IT vendor by providing high quality computer hardware solutions and delivering on our promise to support your IT hardware needs.

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