Lifecycle Solutions

Our IT Lifecycle Services ensure a consistent IT refresh cycle and recoup your IT asset’s value with Enlivened Tech’s beginning-to-end process of procuring, installing, maintaining, and retiring your IT equipment.

Our refurbished IT hardware allows you to provide your staff with standardized technology that meets your performance requirements and stays within your IT budget. We’ll lay out a plan for keeping your machines cutting-edge through upgrades and replacements. When it’s time to retire equipment, we will securely destroy all data to NIST 800-88 standards and ensure you get the most value.

We’ll eliminate the hassle of constant monitoring, procurement, and disposal by handling it all for you.

How It Works

Here’s how we can partner with you to keep your IT hardware optimized and up to date with dramatic savings on your IT budget.

Step 1

Free Enlivened Eval – Consultation with one of our expert team members. We’ll assess your current IT system and understand your company’s specific needs.

Step 2

IT Refresh Strategies – We will help you develop a long-term plan for an IT refresh and standardization to ensure your IT hardware delivers the performance your team needs.

Step 3

Computer Hardware Delivery & Deployment – You will receive refurbished, certified business class hardware licensed, imaged, and customized to your company’s configurations.

Step 4

Buy Back Retired Equipment – Recoup new value from your surplus equipment! Simply send us an asset list for appraisal. We will audit the equipment in our secure facility, eradicate data to DoD standards, and refurbish for reuse.

Step 5

Enlivened Experience – We are a trusted partner whose support only begins with procurement. Our Adaptable Inventory, Advanced Replacements, Onsite Inventory, and Warranty Programs help simplify your IT hardware challenges.

With IT hardware costs skyrocketing, our refurbished products offer a proven way of reducing IT expenditure without sacrificing performance. All of our products are thoroughly tested, cleaned, skinned, and renewed to your company’s specifications before delivery.