Cost-Effective Leasing Options

Enlivened Tech creates cost-effective IT leasing programs unique to each individual client’s needs. We can help you lower your upfront costs and make the most out of your monthly operating budgets. By analyzing your company’s IT refresh cycles, we can help you develop a leasing program that helps your company plan well into the future. Monthly costs can be dramatically lowered If your company initially chooses to return the leased equipment at the conclusion of the lease. If you don’t want to make that decision today, you can decide at the end of your lease if you’d like to keep the equipment or Enlivened Tech will buy the equipment back from you!

Throughout the life of your IT lease, Enlivened Tech will warranty all equipment and provide all logistics to ensure your team always has the equipment they need, when they need it! And as always, all of equipment includes custom images, licenses, and is delivered plug and play ready!

Benefits Include:

  • Protects your credit and keeps your equipment up-to-date
  • Customized leasing programs for any budget, with or without a minimum deposit
  • Flexible monthly payment plans
  • Easy access to newer equipment at an affordable price
  • Include delivery, installation, and delivery costs in the lease
  • True lease payments are deductible, while a capital lease will allow you to take a bonus depreciation in the first year of any lease term
  • Leasing allows your business to keep your business credit open, which allows your business to receive funding for expansion, staffing, and other needs
  • All terms are fixed and not affected by market values or inflation