We’re far more than just an IT hardware provider. We provide full-service IT solutions that are tailored to provide the services you need to maximize your hardware performance while minimizing expenditures.

Enlivened Tech can be your trusted partner to rely on for providing the IT hardware and services you need. These include:

Life Cycle Solutions

We'll ensure your hardware is deployed, accounted, maintained, upgraded, and disposed of when the time comes.

Asset Management

Turn your surplus IT equipment into a new source of revenue. We'll retrieve its maximum value and share the returns with you.

IT Leasing and Rental

Maximize your IT system with minimal initial investment. We'll find the solution that fits within your budget.

Financing Solutions

Get the system you need today and manage your costs over time. We have flexible options to get you the equipment you need.

Sell Us Your Hardware

Send us a list of the equipment you'd like to sell and we'll give you a quote for its fair market value.

Give us a call today. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific IT needs and explore possible solutions.