Refurbished IT Solutions Focus on Environmental Stewardship

Today, customers often consider a company’s environmental stewardship and whether their business practices reflect this value. The extent to which a company is consciously eco-friendly and environmentally responsible has a bearing on customers’ decision making and purchasing. Companies that embrace eco-friendly business practices by investing in refurbished IT solutions are able to advertise that they are doing their part for the environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling. BBC Technology Solutions is paving the way for companies that are choosing to reduce their footprint.

BBC Technology Solutions provides best-in-class IT solutions for businesses by offering brand name refurbished computer equipment including business-class computers, tablets, LCD monitors, thin clients, networking equipment, notebooks, and LCDs through its Go Green focus. Their access to global markets enables them to source the highest quality refurbished equipment at the most competitive pricing.

Purchasing refurbished IT hardware from an authorized retailer is one way to benefit from a lower-cost investment while procuring equipment that will meet all of your company’s IT needs. Some companies, such as BBC Technology Solutions, also offer certifications on their refurbished computers, software imaging and licensing and onsite inventory programs for companies that need emergency equipment. This guarantee provides extra peace of mind and assurance regarding the reliability of one of your company’s most critical investments.

Considering refurbished IT just makes sense for business owners looking to maximize their investment. One recent survey estimated that of the total energy that will be consumed by a computer, 70% of that energy is expended during the initial manufacturing process. Saving energy by producing fewer new computers would benefit the environment more than focusing efforts on reducing the amount of power that computers utilize. Additionally, refurbished business-class computer hardware can be just as good, if not better, than a new consumer-grade purchase.

BBC delivers a full solution, allowing asset owners to focus on their core business while saving money and enjoying maximum value on their IT equipment investments.

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