Business Class Computers: Are They Right for You?

Business Class Computers

If you are a business owner or IT professional, one of the biggest decisions you will make toward the overall productivity of your organization is the computers you will use. The sheer number of hours your employees spend using their computers exponentially multiplies the impact factors like processor speed and downtime avoidance have on the work your team can get done. We’ve already discussed the choice between new and refurbished computers. But, what about the computer class in which you invest? Specifically, is it worth investing in business-class computers versus commercial-grade ones?

What is a Business-Class Computer?

The first thing you may be wondering is if there really is any difference between business class computers and any other computer you can buy. Is “business class” just a marketing ploy by computer manufacturers to sell computers at a higher price? Business News Daily assures us of the fact that there are real differences between the two classes of computers. Business-class computers come with increased battery life, speed, and computing power, designed to handle the travel and 40-hour-a-week use that comes in a corporate setting.

Consumer-Class vs. Business-Class Computers

But what exactly does that mean? What are the real-world benefits you can expect if you make the extra investment to get business-class machines?


First and foremost, to handle the challenges of travel and high-volume usage, business-class computers are built to be more robust. Manufacturers design the average consumer-grade computer to last up to 2.5 years. Compare that to the 4.6 years a business-class machine is engineered to last. These robust units can handle rougher handling and greater heat and humidity. Some are even built with waterproof keyboards. Along with this, They are made with long-lasting, easier-to-replace batteries, making them ideal for travel.

Configuration Options

Companies that are buying large numbers of computers want them to easily fit their unique business needs. Computer manufacturers cater to this by creating machines that are more flexible and easier to configure for different types of use. Since companies don’t want to continually purchase new machines, business-class computers do not change as much year to year as consumer-class machines. This makes it easier for firms to have consistent performance as they add new computers to their inventory.


Computer manufacturers know the importance, for any business, of keeping your valuable information secure. Therefore, biometric security, such as fingerprint scanning, is standard in almost all business-class computers but relatively rare in consumer-grade machines. Business-class computers come standard with software for firewalls, networking, and IT management. Most come with an encrypting file system for files and folders. On the flip side, consumer-class hardware comes with up to 20 pre-installed adware programs.

Business Class Computers at a Great Price

The bottom line is this: if you are buying multiple computers for your business, it is almost always better to buy business-class computers. If the only thing that is holding you back is the price, then Enlivened Tech can help. We offer refurbished business-class computers at prices better than consumer-class machines. We can help you find a solution for reliable, high-performance computers that fit your budgetary needs.

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