Benefits of a Tech Refresh Program

Too often, businesses wait until a machine reaches its “end of life” before looking for an alternative solution. At this point, the cost of maintaining the equipment surpasses the cost of a refresh or newer replacement. The cycle will run on its own once a plan is in place, increasing productivity and lowering overall technology ownership costs.

It’s never too late or too early to start planning for your technology refresh.

A technology refresh is simply a planned cycle of refreshing the key components of the IT infrastructure to ensure maximum productivity and optimal system performance. This can be achieved at a much lower cost by refreshing with refurbished computer equipment.
Here are four key benefits to establishing a tech refresh cycle with standardized, certified refurbished computer hardware.

  1. Upgraded equipment will allow your company to experience the benefits of “newer” equipment while saving money in the process. Equipment that has been refreshed contains new OEM components, meaning that it runs like new! This makes the equipment more energy-efficient and less likely to experience a hardware failure, ensuring increased employee productivity and less downtime!
  2. Avoid technological obsolescence by upgrading hardware on a regular basis. And guess what, you don’t need a brand-new laptop to experience a “like new” out of box experience! Certified refurbished desktops and laptops from BBC Technology Solutions are installed with new SSD drives to fit your specifications. Licenses and images can also be loaded prior to delivery, creating a true, open box experience. Just plug-in and go!
  3. Standardizing your equipment allows you to swap out equipment without having to replace power supplies or learn a new system. The implementation can be done without a major disruption to your operations. BBC will even give you money for your old equipment!
  4. Lastly, a proactive technology refresh cycle is intended to work for itself. Some companies may choose to refresh all at once, while others may refresh in phases. The key to a smooth refresh is knowing what capabilities you need and ensuring that your machines are always continually updated.

A consistent tech refresh cycle will enable your company to buy refurbished IT hardware that may only be a few years old, with new components, every several years versus keeping the equipment for up to five or six years without being refreshed. In the long run, there are significant savings, in addition to increased performance and reduced risk of failure. Look for companies that provide warranties and replacements ahead of time, creating peace of mind over the course of your refresh cycle. Also, look for one that buys your old equipment back in the end, further lowering your overall costs!

As you ponder your next IT purchases or are looking to establish a more consistent refresh cycle, consider looking at refurbished IT hardware with BBC Technology Solutions. We would love to help you save time and money.

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