Three Great Reasons to Sell Your Old Computers

We Sell Your Old Computers

Gone are the days when you could simply throw away your aging IT equipment. New EPA regulations and the growing threat of data piracy make it unsafe and, in some cases, illegal. Besides, the advent of ITAD providers has made getting maximum value out of your end-of-life hardware a snap. If you’re not taking full advantage of it, you are, quite simply, throwing away easy money. Here are three great reasons to sell your old computers rather than just dispose of them

Sell Your Old Computers to Provide a New Revenue Stream

In the age of rapidly evolving technology, it is easy to think that older equipment is worthless. The truth is that even hardware that is several years old has components of significant value. When we receive your end-of-life equipment, we take a complete inventory of every component. We securely dispose of anything that has no value. For the rest, we resell or recycle and share the profit with you. For companies that have a large IT hardware pool, this can be a consistent stream of new revenue!

Sell Your Old Computers to be Eco-Friendly

According to an article from the United Nations, there are over 50 million tons of E-Waste produced globally every year. That is more tonnage than all the commercial airliners ever made. Frighteningly, that number is predicted to rise to over 120 million tons a year by 2050. This E-Waste leaches toxic chemicals into the soil and surrounding water supply.

When you sell your IT hardware to us, we recycle or resell every component to keep it from going to the landfill (and to put money in your pocket). We dispose of everything that does needs to be discarded according to EPA guidelines to provide the maximum reduction in environmental impact.

Sell Your Old Computers to be Secure

Data piracy is a threat that continues to grow around the world. According to a KPMG survey, 62% of companies in the Americas experienced a data breach or cyber incident in 2021. When you dispose of your equipment by throwing it away, you lose control of the valuable data it contains. When we receive your hardware, we watch and fully document as each component to be disposed of is run through the shredder. You will receive a complete report and be able to rest assured that your data is no longer at risk.

We Make Selling Your Old Computers Simple

When it is time to sell your IT hardware, just give us a call. We will help you put together a complete inventory of your equipment. From there it is simple, we pick up the hardware directly from your facility. We do a complete inventory and audit, sell, or recycle what has value, and securely dispose of the rest. To provide complete transparency, you will receive a report detailing the process with each component. You will receive a check as we share the profit with you.

If you have aging IT hardware, contact us today. We will give you a free assessment of your inventory and give you advice on how to get the maximum value out of your equipment.

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