Technology Refresh Cycles: They are worth the hype

What is a technology refresh cycle?

It seems as though as soon as you buy a new smartphone, computer, tablet or laptop, there’s a newer and better one coming out in the next few months. BBC Technology Solutions knows that you want to keep your business technology on the cutting edge, and we know that doing so can sometimes be expensive. For that reason, we’d like to explain the benefits of a technology refresh cycle.

Improved Efficiency

Just like outdated home appliances ultimately cost you more in the long run, the same is true of inefficient business tech. For instance, older equipment is prone to failure, isn’t as functional as newer tech, can inflate your energy costs and can result in wasted time due to their outdated capabilities. By scheduling tech upgrades and refresh cycles, you keep your business and your operations on the cutting edge. All the time.

Sideline Obsolescence

The advance of technology is a given, and it’s only a matter of time before you’ll have to upgrade your current business technology. While there are always updates that can boost your current tech capabilities, those updates might not be available from manufacturers indefinitely. By planning a refresh cycle, you:

  • Limit such vulnerabilities as being hacked

  • Better ensure your equipment is supported by manufacturers

  • Make it so your tech can handle the latest upgrades and software

Keep Up With Your Competitors and Target Audience

Something else to think about with tech refresh cycles is the fact that they give you an edge over your competitors, or can at least keep up with them in terms of technological capabilities. What’s more is your customers or clients are sure to have more confidence in you knowing that you’re using the latest innovations, especially in an age of rampant business hacks.

Sidestep Unnecessary Failures

Imagine you’re having the perfect day at work only to have operations and your mood brought to a screeching halt because of a technological failure. It can be even more frustrating to learn that such a failure, and the annoying downtime that follows, didn’t have to happen in the first place. Now you and your employees are either scrambling to find a solution or have no choice but to stop working until you’re back on track. How much money and productivity might such a situation cost?

By scheduling a technology refresh cycle, you better ensure such failures and downtime don’t have to happen. While there are no guarantees, there are most certainly steps you can take to keep avoidable disasters at bay.

Ensure Your Company Is Compliant

There’s a chance holding on to old technology for longer than necessary can lead to non-compliance, which can cost you in more ways than one. Besides staying up-to-date on compliance requirements, you also want to check to see that your current equipment meets current compliance requirements.

To create the perfect technology refresh cycle, help is at your fingertips. Call a BBC Technology Solutions representative at 513-617-4822. You can also fill out and submit a Contact Us form. Know that we’re here to take exemplary care of you, your business, your employees and your customers however we can.

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