Make the Most out of your Retired IT Assets …and avoid any disruptions to your current IT disposal method!

Every company is challenged at some point by heaping piles of obsolete equipment. Not only does it risk data security, but IT hardware decreases in value over time. It’s important to know that there are companies that will pick up the equipment, safely and securely, giving you the peace of mind that your data is safe and allowing you to recoup some of the equipment’s original value in the process.

When a company is looking to upgrade, update, refresh, or simply get rid of unwanted equipment, they must find a reliable source to assist in the removal.

Data Security should be the Key Focus

IT Asset Disposition, simply known as ITAD, is the safe disposal of IT assets, including such e-Waste as retired PCs, tablets, servers, laptops, disk drives, and hard drives, in a manner that eliminates the risk of data being exposed. Even old printers, flash drives, and cell phones may hold valuable data.

Since retired IT assets cannot simply be thrown away in the trash, it is important to partner with a trustworthy company that specializes in IT Asset Disposition and can help you maximize the recovered value.

Full IT Disposal Solutions:

A company like BBC Technology Solutions can help you through every step of the disposal process, from the planning stages to retirement, which may include refurbishing for reuse or recycling. BBC keeps a close eye on the retail market, ensuring your company will get the best value for your retired IT assets. It’s very important to know what is going on with your data since it may end up in someone else’s hands.

BBC Technology Solutions ensures our customer’s data remains safe and secure through the entire disposal process:

  • Systematic Asset Auditing in a secure location – Equipment is taken to our secure processing facilities for a complete inventory and audit to determine current value. Our technicians work diligently to ensure downtime experienced by your staff is kept to a minimum.

  • Background-checked employees – Each employee, whether client facing or equipment processing, undergoes a complete background check and must adhere to our company beliefs of value, service, and integrity.

  • Proof of Destruction – BBC Technology Solutions utilizes complete data destruction methods to ensure that your information is secure through the entire process. Upon completion of the DoD 5220.22m process, you will receive a copy of the Certification of Destruction, which is the official record of all destroyed assets.

  • Responsible Recycling – After the DoD wipe process has taken place, machines are properly disposed of to minimize environmental impact through recycling, refurbishing for reuse, socially responsible donation, or environmentally friendly disposal, in which case, BBC will provide the certificate of destruction of each individual unit.

  • Reuse or recycle assets based on current grade and value – The goal is to refurbish and reuse as much of retired equipment as possible to maintain sustainability and return value to our clients.

As you are considering options for your IT asset disposal, be sure to select a company where the customer comes first and foremost. Your data and assets are important to you, which makes it our priority.

Working with a strong company like BBC Technology Solutions ensures your data is destroyed safely, your brand reputation is protected, and the maximum value is recovered. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a pickup for your retired computers, monitors, laptops, and more!

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