How to Avoid the Pains Associated with Purchasing Technology

You may find many similarities between purchasing computers for your company and buying a car. You may have an idea of which model you want, but after visiting several dealerships, you find varying prices, performance packages, payment plans, warranties, and specifications. Purchasing computers is not much different, especially with the recent hordes of online sellers taking their business to reselling platforms on the internet. There are so many options nowadays.

We have heard many harrowing tales from our clients in our 20+ years of experience. The daunting task of finding a reputable reseller, determining which hardware specifications meet your company’s needs, getting quotes with different prices and deciding between warranty options. The list goes on and on.
We understand that it can be a frustrating journey to initiate. Even if you choose to take the route of procuring equipment on Amazon, you may be faced with the challenge of not buying large quantities of equipment from the same supplier. And after Amazon’s warranty lapses, you will have to take any issues up with the resellers themselves. This can make it difficult to get equipment replaced since you may not know who your warranty is through. This is a risk some are willing to make if you are not looking for a full customer service experience.

Once your purchasing decisions have been made, it can be extremely beneficial to order surplus equipment to keep on hand. And while it may be hard to get your financial advisors to approve it, this eliminates downtime and maximizes productivity, especially if you must send your laptop in for warranty work. It is also a good idea to prepare yourself for any additional employees that may be joining your company.

So, is there a way to eliminate these challenges and get a straight answer while experiencing an easy purchasing process? While it may not be well known in the IT hardware industry, there is a difference between a reseller and a solutions provider. Solutions providers, such as BBC Technology Solutions, will work with your company to establish strategies for maximizing your budget, assess your company’s IT hardware needs, and come up with a seamless purchasing plan. With outright buying, leasing, and financing options available, we are flexible in our approach to your individual business needs.

When the pandemic hit, many companies were not prepared for a work from home model, and as a result, spent a lot of money getting equipment in a rush. Attic stock programs would have helped negate a lot of the pain companies experienced when having to shift gears quickly. Some clients had attic stock ready to go, which is essentially a surplus of extra units to fill an office, or in this case work from home. This is one strategic advantage that a solutions provider can offer to help take the headache out of technology ownership.

We found that roughly 80% of our clients were not prepared at the onset of the pandemic, and as a result, had to spend excess money on express shipping in order to get product to their employees quickly. The remaining 20%, however, were prepared for the situation and were able to shift to a seamless work from home model.

At the end of the day, working with a solutions provider can present a great advantage when developing your company’s IT Lifecycle plan. Going to one source for all your technology needs will not only help you when comparing price to performance options but will also save your company time when refreshing technology.

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