How My Used Car is Like a Used Computer

I love my car… it runs great and even better yet, it’s paid off! Then why do I want to get rid of a perfectly fine car?

Because that’s the smart, economical thing to do … trade in an automobile when there is some value left to recoup, before it starts to require untimely and costly repairs. Not to mention, the wasted time spent!

You can think of business-class computer equipment, like desktops, laptops, and LCD monitors, for example, the same way. Like an automobile, it is necessary to refresh your IT equipment on a regular basis. This ensures that you do not run the risk of downtime resulting in the lack of staff productivity, which directly impacts the bottom line. A more updated piece of technology, such as a certified refurbished business class computer, will last for more years to come, increase productivity, and reduce the overall technology ownership costs which result from outdated IT equipment.

I have donated my cars in the past for a hefty tax write-off, however, how am I to know that it doesn’t end up in a landfill somewhere? Sometimes the best intentions turn out counter-productive. My IT assets, on the other hand, cannot be left to chance. My cars didn’t contain highly sensitive data that could cost my company hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to litigate. Why should anyone take that chance? Especially when there are options to protect your data.

I decided I’m going to sell my car. My car lacks navigation and leather seats, however, it still runs great and gets good mileage. Someone is really going to benefit from its’ roominess and new tires. Not everyone wants to invest in new and the immediate depreciation incurred therein. Plus, I need the money to put down on a newer, pre-owned one. Maybe with leather this time. Cars that are a few years young still have a lot of miles ahead of them, for a lot less money!

Just like making the decision between selling a car to a consumer, trading it into a dealer, or donating it to a nonprofit, we also have choices when retiring our IT assets. Different companies’ offerings may result in a higher return, and with the right research, you can end up dealing with a company that will give you the best value for your equipment, safely eradicate your precious data to DoD standards, and responsibly refurbish, resell, or recycle your end-of-life technology.

Sometimes it can be hard to let go…and that’s why BBC Technology Solutions will go the extra mile to ensure you don’t lose any time when refreshing your technology. From giving you money for your old equipment, to a complete open-box experience of pre-imaged, certified refurbished computer equipment that’s plug-in ready, we will make your life easier when making the switch! Trading in your IT equipment doesn’t have to be a hassle, it should be a worry-free, enjoyable experience! Contact us today !

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