Four Misconceptions About Refurbished, Business-Class Computer Hardware

While you might need business-class computer hardware, you might not have a business-class computer budget or you may be looking for ways to simply reduce your IT hardware costs. Refurbished computers make a great option, but you, like many others, might have reservations about refurbished products. BBC Technology Solutions is here to dispel four misconceptions about refurbished computer hardware to help you make the most out of your investment and time.

A Refurbished Computer Was Once Defective

Simply because a computer or piece of computer hardware was returned doesn’t mean it was returned because it was defective. Hardware might be returned because the original buyer found a better deal, because the hardware sustained damage during shipment, or the hardware was used for computer demonstrations. In any case, it’s best to double check and make sure the hardware has been tested and properly restored before buying.

Refurbished Hardware Isn’t Guaranteed

Just like a pre-owned vehicle, refurbished hardware can come with a guarantee or warranty for your peace of mind. With warranties and guarantees, you don’t have to pay a deductible, receive free item replacement, don’t have to worry about shipping costs, and are covered for parts and labor. That being said, you should always read the fine print so you know for a fact what’s included with your warranty.

Refurbished Computers Are Only Suited for Public Use

On the contrary, refurbished computers make for an excellent investment for nonprofit organizations, as well as, small businesses looking to get up and running. Even if your company is larger and more established, buying refurbished computer hardware can go a long way in saving money without compromising on your overall business operations.

Windows Licenses Aren’t Offered with Refurbished Computers

As for this misconception, you want to make sure you purchase your refurbished computer from an authorized retailer, like BBC Technology Solutions. If the computer you’re considering has its original recovery media or its Window Certificate of Authenticity, it more than likely won’t need a new license, but you should always check to be on the safe side.

Refurbished business class computer hardware can be just as good, if not better, as a brand new, never-used consumer grade purchase. Know what you’re getting into and what you’re truly buying to maximize your investment and give yourself true peace of mind.

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