Facts About Refurbished Computer Hardware

In your quest to secure quality computer hardware for your business, school, nonprofit organization, or customer contact center, you’ve likely stumbled across refurbished computers. Before you fool yourself into thinking there’s no difference between a used and refurbished computer, brush up on a few facts related to computers that have been refurbished that might surprise you.

Used & Refurbished Are Not The Same

One of the first things BBC Technology Solutions likes to make clear to customers is that “refurbished” and “used” are not interchangeable terms. If you buy a used car, it’s likely sold at an “as-is” discount, but a certified pre-owned vehicle has been looked over by an experienced mechanic and fixed up to optimum performance; the same concept applies to used and refurbished computers.

Some of the reasons computer hardware is labeled as refurbished include:

  • It has defective parts that have been repaired or replaced.

  • The original buyer returned or exchanged it unopened.

  • The unit was used for demonstration on the sales floor.

  • The item sustained damage during shipping.

  • The computer was used to write up a review.

Advantages of Buying Refurbished

You’ve got much to gain by opting for refurbished hardware or computers over brand new ones. One of the biggest benefits we’d like to start off with is that you can enjoy deep discounts on a refurbished model, but exact savings depend on how old the model is. There’s also a good chance the computer or piece of hardware you’re considering still has warranty or guarantee.

And finally, there’s the peace of mind that comes with knowing your refurbished investment has been tested and repaired to restore it to optimum performance.

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