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Most people think new is always better and that refurbished IT equipment is only for schools and nonprofit organizations with low budgets. They may also assume that IT equipment that is refurbished may be unreliable or not last very long.

Many of our clients are large contact centers or nonprofit organizations that have looked for ways to minimize their initial IT hardware costs, while reducing their overall operating budgets and ownership costs. Through procurement of certified, refurbished, business-class computer hardware they were able to save over 40 percent versus buying new. Imagine these numbers over the course of several years. Money can be reallocated to other departments and budgets lowered.

You’ve got much to gain by opting for refurbished hardware or computers over brand new ones. One of the biggest benefits is that you can enjoy deep discounts on a refurbished model, but exact savings depend on how old the model is. There’s also a good chance the computer or piece of hardware you’re considering still has warranty or guarantee. You may also find that some newer computers may have less capability and are slower than an older generation process. It’s always crucial to compare specs of each model you are considering. A certified refurbished computer goes through a lengthy process to ensure it is “open box” ready upon delivery. And finally, there’s the peace of mind that comes with knowing your refurbished investment has been tested and repaired to restore it to optimum performance.

BBC Technology Solutions, located in Blue Ash, Ohio, offers solutions beyond the equipment itself including onsite inventory, personalized customer service, system customization, standardization strategies, Microsoft licensing/imaging and asset management and liquidation. We also offer warranties and test drive programs of our equipment. Most importantly, keeping E-waste out of landfills and taking a reuse first approach is a sustainable choice for our planet.

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