BBC Honored for Entrepreneur Vision & Leadership

Everyone can come up with good ideas. Some people can take that vision and turn it into reality. They’re called entrepreneurs, and they represent the backbone of growth in America. When the Entrepreneurs’ Organization of Cincinnati announced their John F. Barrett Entrepreneur Vision Awards for 2018, Michael Sutter, CEO of BBC Technology Solutions was one of their honorees.

Leadership in IT Refurbishing

This prestigious award was co-sponsored by the LeadTribune Media Group. Other honorees included manufacturers, builders and Cincinnati’s most successful restaurateur. They identified Michael Sutter’s unique leadership vision as he built his IT refurbishing business, BBC Technology Solutions.

“When many companies need to add PCs or other technology equipment, they just do what they’ve always done,” said Sutter. “They buy new ones. While that’s fine in some situations, there are many reasons why refurbished gear makes more sense.”

Newer Technology at a Lower Cost

“At BBC, our real uniqueness is in how we help our customers achieve their changing technology needs,” said Sutter. “They are looking for cost-effective solutions that deliver in a timely manner. That’s where our innovative refurbished IT products are the ideal solution.”

“Once people understand the rigorous steps we take to ensure quality and performance,” Sutter said, “they see how this makes so much sense. For example, when a company routinely refreshes their technology, they experience happier, more productive employees. Like a smartphone, computers get slower over time due to software, downloads, and internet usage. All it takes is a good factory reset and clean wipe for more reliable, faster operation. That’s like what we do; except we put every laptop, PC, tablet and every other piece of equipment through a complete certification to ensure optimal operation.”

The Value of Cost Savings

“With our buying power and unique technology processes,” Sutter said, “we typically save customers 45%. That’s capital that can be put to better use in other areas of the business.”

“We’re more than just hardware,” Sutter said. “As a Microsoft Certified Refurbisher, we outfit all equipment with a full warranty and the software that’s needed. No more, no less. And our leasing option is another great way to stretch IT budgets even further.”

“I’m honored to be among this year’s recipients of the Entrepreneur Vision Award,” said Sutter. “Leadership is important to everyone at BBC Technology Solutions. We will continue to do everything we can to earn the trust of our customers and deliver value, both here in Cincinnati and across North America.”

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