Assembling a Call Center? Refurbished Technology Might Be the Answer

Establishing a call center takes an incredible degree of organization and coordination between a company and its suppliers. This is especially true for companies with multiple locations, where shipping can become complicated and coordination of procurement can become a challenge. One way to simplify the process is by choosing refurbished IT equipment over brand

Lower Costs

The most obvious advantage of using previously owned or off-lease equipment is the lower cost. A smaller equipment budget may also permit you to invest more funds into other areas of your business, including these:

  • Hiring

  • Marketing

  • Building acquisition or maintenance

Setting up a call center is expensive, so any cost reduction can be helpful in easing the financial burden. In the course of a year, companies can save thousands of dollars through refurbished IT procurement.

Decreased Downtime

Your clients have to meet their customers’ deadlines, which means every second counts. Refurbished equipment can be imaged, licensed, and ready to go upon delivery, eliminating any downtime incurred while waiting for equipment.

Better Tech

With refurbished equipment, your cash has increased buying power. You may have additional options available, such as more recent models or specialized hardware, that you couldn’t afford new. Having access to the most current upgrades can give your business a leg up in efficiency.

BBC Technology Solutions offers certified, refurbished IT equipment for business use. In addition to laptops, LCD desktop monitors and telephony gear, we also offer onsite replacements, warranties and buyback programs. If you’d like to learn more or are interested in finding a solution to fit your company, call us at 513-617-4822 or visit us online.

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