7 Useful Keystrokes for Microsoft Word

Did you Know that Ctrl + R quickly aligns your text to the right?
When you have a powerful productivity tool like Microsoft® Word at your disposal, you may already know the keyboard shortcuts to select all (Ctrl + A), copy (Ctrl + C), and paste (Ctrl + V). But did you know there are many other keyboard shortcuts that can be utilized and can be helpful for you while working?

Here are seven keyboard shortcuts that you can use to save time and effort.

1) Spacing, in a jiffy!
Quickly alter the spacing in your document with two easy steps. First, select all (Ctrl +A), then Ctrl + 1 for single spacing, Ctrl + 2 for double spacing, or Ctrl + 5 for 1.5 spacing.

2) Shortcuts for quick text formatting
Ctrl+B to make the text bold, Ctrl+I to make the text italic, Ctrl+U to underline, and use Ctrl+E to center the text.

3) Find (Ctrl + F)
Do you face the problem of finding a word, number, or character in a specific word document? Press Ctrl + F to bring up the Find feature. Much easier than having to scan long documents!

4) Comment Box (ALT + R + C)
Sometimes tracking changes is not enough when collaborating on a single document. Comments are the best way of recording longer suggestions or alternative wordings. Press Alt + R + C to bring up the comment box to help you track changes.

5) Insert an automatic page break (Ctrl + Enter)
Stop using a manual page break. Press Ctrl + Enter to insert an automatic page break and make your work more manageable.Insert an automatic page break (Ctrl + Enter)

6) Return to the last edit (Shift + F5)
Press the Shift + F5 shortcut when you want to copy text from one section of the document and return to where you want to paste it.

7) Copy the Format of Selected Text (Ctrl + Shift + C)
This shortcut is handy when you only want to copy the text formatting, not the text itself. Format Painter does this too, but Format Painter forgets the formatting as soon as you’re finished with it. This shortcut remembers what you copied until you close out of Word.

Try using one (or two) of these today! Shortcuts can save a lot of time and boost performance.

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