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We Give Top Dollar for Your IT Hardware

Enlivened Tech’s commitment to sustainability, security, and cost-effectiveness is exemplified through our strategic approach to acquiring used or surplus IT hardware from companies. Recognizing the environmental impact of electronic waste and the importance of maximizing the lifecycle of technology, are always looking for opportunities to repurpose and refurbish pre-owned hardware. 

We deliver peace of mind to companies that sell us their IT hardware by completely destroying any data that is on the equipment. As a result, resale to Enlivened protects your sensitive data from ever being compromised. 

By purchasing used IT equipment, we not only contribute to the reduction of electronic waste but also provide businesses with a viable solution to responsibly manage their surplus assets. This approach aligns with Enlivened Tech’s mission to promote a circular economy in the tech industry, where resources are reused and recycled to minimize the ecological footprint. Through this initiative, Enlivened Tech not only helps you optimize your IT budget but also fosters a greener, more sustainable future for the technology sector.

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