Microsoft 7 Support is Ending …The Time to Upgrade is Now

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide extended support for Windows 7. Since mainstream support ended in 2015, Microsoft has been working to migrate clients to Windows 10. Unfortunately, if your company depends on Windows 7 you may want to start considering an upgrade.

But why upgrade if your Window 7 is adequate?

Here are several reasons why upgrading to your machines to Windows 10 is vital:

  • Your PC will no longer receive security updates beginning January 14, 2020. Yes, those annoying updates that pop-up on your screen are crucial for keeping your data safe. Without these updates, your data is vulnerable.

  • Microsoft will no longer provide any technical support for Windows 7.

  • Microsoft will stop fixing flaws and bugs. Windows 7 will still operate, but at your own risk.

The Good News

Microsoft has developed a new model surrounding the transition to Windows 10. Called Windows as a Service (WaaS), it will include updates and supports through the entire machine’s life cycle. In addition, any applications previously intended for Windows 7 will continue to run on Windows 10.

Making the Transition

Upgrading to a new operating system takes time and careful planning, particularly if you have numerous machines and systems to assess.

Tips for a smooth and successful transition to a new operating system:

  • Identify machines that need to be upgraded or replaced

  • Identify and consider replacing legacy systems using older operating systems and/or software with updated technology

  • Develop a timeline and budget for upgrades and replacements

Examining your current infrastructure and identifying what you will need to update will help you to create a plan for a smooth transition. The sooner you begin this process the more strategic you can be in terms of budgeting.

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